Mainline Road Extension Project



According to West Frankfort Mayor Tom Jordan, the pair of politicos were invaluable in helping to secure a state grant that will allow the city to move forward on the extension of Mainline Road near the north end of the Industrial Park, something that he says will be a boon for potential expansion in the area.

"It's a 1,200 feet extension that is going to open up that whole north end of the Industrial Park to development," explained Jordan.

 "That property will now have a nice concrete street in front of it.  There is road there now, but it's gravel, so this project is going to be a great advantage to our Industrial Park."

West Frankfort Community Council president George Tomlinson, whose group actually gave the land to the city so that the road could be built, agreed with the mayor, adding that a great deal of land will now be able to be put to use because of the extension.

"It's going to improve the Industrial Park and make a lot more of it accessible. That was going to have to be done sooner or later," said Tomlinson. "It's a major improvement."

Forby said securing the funds for such a project was a collaborative effort between him and Bradley, and that he was just seeing to it that southern Illinoisans see their tax dollars spent in their end of the state.

"It's your tax money," Forby told the crowd. "And we are just trying to bring that money back to your district.  How you get things done like this is by working together."

The council voted unanimously to award the contract for the Mainline Road project to George E. Jones Excavating.  The cost of the extension will $335,381, all of which will be paid for with the grant money.


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